Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Better Look into Couture Parties

I do a lot of interviews and answer a lot of questions on why I want to specialize in Newport, RI weddings and events. Well the obvious answer being... I live here. This is my home, I am an "islander", I raise my kids here, and I want to plan fabulous weddings and parties here. But second, Newport is fun, the vendors are top notch, you have an ocean view every 10 steps you go, and it has a traditional New England feel to it. Here is a video showcasing some of my favorites in Newport and a little bit more about me. Thanks to the talented team of Chris and Mark from Armor and Martel spending the day with me to see what I am all about...and yes, I talk A LOT with my hands....my grandmother says "it's the Italian side of me."

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