Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No kids at your wedding

Just because you have decided you do not want kids at your wedding, does not mean you are setting your future up of bad parenting. Kids are cute. You dress them up, you ask them to be on their best behavior for 6 hours straight, they shout out during the vows, and they dance the chicken dance and all the guests clap and say how cute they are.   Do not worry; they have not been put on this earth to ruin your wedding day.

If you decide you want your wedding to be an adult only affair, you need to let the parents know. Here are some ways to let guests know that that they need to let grandma babysit for the evening.
  • ·      Address the inner envelope with parents names only, do not add “and family”, if you do, that is an open invitation for guests to bring their children, any age.
  • ·      On the reception card write, Please Join us for an Adult Only Reception.
  • ·      Include it on your wedding website, say ‘We adore children, but we will not be able to accommodate them for our wedding”
  • ·      On the RSVP cards where it has M_______________________ pre fill it in with the guests that you would like to attend.
  • ·      Word of Mouth. Tell family members to start spreading the word early; so guests can find sitters or have be ready to decline their presence.
  • ·      Be prepared that some guests may not be able to attend because they do not have a babysitter.

Most important, you cannot feel guilty. It is your wedding day, it is about two people committing to one another, guests that are invited should be people who adore you and want you to be happy…. whether there are children there or not. 

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  1. Hi Stephanie,

    That was a nice and proper way to inform guests a no-kids wedding. :) But what if someone misses the information or didn't have a babysitter and brought with them their kids? How do we handle that situation?


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