Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tiaras on your wedding day

Town & Country Wedding Magazine hits newsstands today and one of their features is on tiaras for your wedding day. (You can also see more on their weddings Facebook Page)

Images Courtesy of Town & Country Magazine

I know, I know some of you are saying "oh that is so 90's!" Personally I love a tiara. Hello Royalty?! Who doesn't want to be a princess for a day? I would like to say the the Royal Wedding of 2011 may have brought this trend back. 
So when should a tiara be worn? I think a tiara looks best with a veil attached. When researching tiaras, also bring your veil with you. Having a hairstylist's opinion also helps on what will look best with your hair and the over all look you are going for on your big day. Make sure you book a hair trial appointment with your stylist with your tiara and veil. Another alternative, could be when you do your exit. If you are having a dress change, include a fun, small tiara, to exit your wedding like the princess that you are! 

Call me partial, but I wore a tiara on my wedding day (August 24, 2002) It was made by Swarovski. I wore the tiara with my veil for the ceremony, then right before my entrance I removed the veil and just wore the partial tiara. Perhaps some day my daughter will want to wear it and it will become a heirloom...are maybe just play dress up in it. :)  

Will you be wearing a tiara on your wedding day? 

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  1. I wore a tiara on my wedding day in 2007. Heck, getting married seemed to be the only time I could get away with wearing one, so there was no way I was passing that up! I searched for weeks until I ended up finding the perfect tiara. I'll admit, sometimes when I'm cleaning or hanging out by myself, I'll pull it out and be queen of my house of a few hours :)


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