Monday, May 7, 2012

Co-ed Bachelor & Bachelorette Party in Newport

The minute someone says bachelorette party in think a bunch of girls (one wearing a sash and cheesy veil)  a party bus, and the locals saying "oh boy, here's another" If you go out in the summer on a weekend night, no lie you will see at least 3 of these "stereotypes".

This couple decided to break that mold, and hold their bachelor/bachelorette party together. That's right, together. And they had a blast! They started the night separately with their bridal parties, girls had a wine tasting, guys had a beer tasting, then they all headed to 41 North & Christies for drinks, sunsets, pool playing and dancing. These pictures prove you don't have to be the stereotype!

Photo Credit :: Maharaj Photography

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