Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

vintage headpiece, art deco wedding
A popular theme for summer 2013 weddings is art deco. The fashion and decor are inspired by the 1920's and give a fun Great Gatsby feel to the event. Lace, pearls, and vintage headpieces bring a touch of 1920's glamour for the bridal party, while the groomsmen can sport the look of a linen suit and maybe even add a straw boater hat as their version of 1920's headwear.

art deco, champagne, lawn games
Champagne adds an elegant touch to the wedding whether it is the cocktail of the evening or in the form of a champagne fountain adding to the decor. A bottle of champagne can also be used as a favor for guests! Lawn games like croquet add a unique feel to the wedding and a beautiful art deco style wedding cake ties everything back to the Great Gatsby theme!

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