Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wedding Cake Trends 2013

Button Cake
 I may just be hungry, but cake has been on the brain, non-stop. I'm not complaining, but I would much rather eat cake rather than just wishfully dream about the different flavors and frostings! But, sad there is no cake to eat, so instead, I figured I'd do a little research and see what couples have been picking for wedding cakes this year and show my personal favorites!

yellow and white cakes
Tropical cake flavors have been showing up everywhere! Coconut and pineapple are the favorites that I have seen.

yellow purple pink cake
Love this look! The ombre has been showing up in fashion, hair styles, and now cakes. What a delicious way to bring pops of bold color to your reception!
Clockwise starting from top left Yellow Purple Pink

I've noticed ruffles have become a popular way to dress up a cake and give it texture without making it look messy. I love both ruffle styles, the white ruffled cake on the left is from Confectionary Designs in Newport, RI and shows a bit more elegance, while the right is playful and fun with its pink stacked ruffles!

wedding cupcakes cupcake display
Cupcake tower? Don't mind if I do! The only issue that arises from this set up is because the cupcakes are smaller than cake slices, guests tend to take more than one. Not that I would blame them!

mocha wedding cake
Chocolate is a great cake flavor, and an even better canvas. Not all cakes have to be white to give a traditional feel! The dark and light contrast give these cakes an even richer feel. 

mint color cake peony cake
Color dosen't have to be bright to be bold! Statement flowers and soft pastels are back this year and are dressing up smaller cakes to look bigger, and possibly more delicious?

truffle tower dessert buffet
You don't have to have a cake at your wedding. Martha Stewart is known for showing couples how to pick a cake-alternative dessert. Just look at the grand dessert buffet on the left holding everything from French macaroons to a fruit topped cheesecake or her layered cake-shaped chocolate truffle tower! Both are delicious ways to have dessert without having the traditional cake.

Cake trends for 2013 weddings don't end here, but I'll let you search them out for yourselves, and possibly taste-test a few, too!

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