Friday, May 10, 2013

Nautical Groomsmen

nautical menswear casual groom

It's Friday, and usually I have a Fashion Face-off ready for you, but today, I felt inspired by the lovely groomsmen, and the oh-so-fun nautical themed wedding! Let's face it, the groomsmen sometimes take a backseat when planning weddings, but we love it when couples incorporate visions and ideas from both of the "better halves"!

While perusing the internet today, I found this great anchor pocket square that screamed "I belong in a Newport wedding," because nautical is classic Newport, RI! I had to find a home for this pocket square, and what better place to look than at the groom and groomsmen?!

Nautical themes tend to be lighter, both in colors and fabrics, with classic cut suits, and a lot of times, a more casual look (no need for a suit jacket at this wedding!) Some of the best ways to incorporate the nautical, without throwing a fish into every piece of decoration, is to use bold stripes, anchors, and heavy-duty ropes to showcase your theme! I love the simplicity of the nautical theme...a little goes a long way, like using accessories to display your theme proudly! I LOVE a simple striped bow tie (the one I posted is for the ring bearer--how cute!!) or  classic nautical watches. Both of these details are small but when looking at the larger picture, they tie everything together, creating a seamless theme throughout the entire wedding day!

Photo Credits
Grey Linen Suit
Striped Bow Tie
Dark Navy Suit and Knit Tie
Nautical Watches
Navy Suit Vest
Tan Suit and Striped Tie
Anchor Pocket Square

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