Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dessert Bar Inspiration

When thinking about your wedding, and the stunning cake you have envisioned since you were little, do you see other desserts along with it?!? A growing trend for weddings this season is to include a dessert bar, to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. Whether you will be providing whoopee pies, cake pops, or your own candy station, your guests (and your soon-to-be Mr. or Mrs.) will appreciate it all!

Instead of the standard cake pop, try something new like a cheesecake square on a stick or even a miniature cake in an ice cream cone! These are some fun ideas to provide alongside, or instead of, your standard wedding cake.

Are you a fruit lover? Try something with different chocolates! These desserts would look adorable at your dessert bar! They add just the right amount of color, and nutrition!

Whether its macaroons or a candy bar that correlates with the colors of your wedding, all of these sweet treats will emphasize your own personal style at your wedding, and will be sure to keep all of your guests happy!


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