Monday, July 1, 2013

Get Creative With Your Guest Book

When it comes to picking the perfect guest book for your wedding, there are lots of different options you can go with.  Couples today have come up with creative ideas to match the theme of their wedding to memorabilia the guests can sign for them to later hang on their wall.  This is an area you can have fun with and do things that may match you and your future spouses personalities.

Signing pieces of fabric to later be made into a quilt is a great way to remember your special day!

If you and your future Mr. or Mrs. enjoy traveling, having your guests sign a globe can be a neat way to have them get more involved and they can relay their favorite destinations for you to later visit.

Having your guests sign a swing that you can hang outside of your house, for your future children to enjoy, is a wonderful keepsake to take away from the day when you said "I do"!

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