Monday, August 2, 2010

Ten Tips for having a FUN Rehearsal Dinner

The best advice I could give a newly engaged couple that would like a unique rehearsal dinner is to make their personality as a couple come to life.  Traditionally, the groom’s parent’s host rehearsal dinners, but more and more couples are hosting the dinner themselves. You are getting ready to walk down the aisle with the man of your dreams in 24 hours and the last thing you want to do is plan another “party”.  Make your dinner a preview of what is to come of you as a married couple . Do you and your future husband love to travel to a certain destination? Show your guests that you love Italy and hold the dinner at an Italian restaurant.  Are you both tennis players? Incorporate tennis balls, moss grass, and white linens in your table décor.

Top Ten Tips for Rehearsal Dinner Planning.
1. This is the time where all the running around has come to an end and you and your fiancé can sit back and have a few laughs with your closest friends and family.  Traditionally, the people who are invited to the rehearsal dinner is the couple, their parents, immediate family and the wedding party.  Some couples also invite out of town guests. There is not a “rule” who you need to invite to the dinner.

2. Keep it casual.  More and more couples are doing fun, unique rehearsal dinners.  A New England clambake is a fun way to relax before the wedding.  Do a traditional red and white checkered tablecloth and use lobster pots filled with potted geraniums as the centerpieces. A backyard BBQ Bash is also a favorite, and also cost effective.  Have family members make their favorite BBQ specialties, fire up the grill and hire someone to man the grill. It will be the best money spent because everyone can interact with the guests and you won’t have to worry who gets stuck cooking on the grill.

3. Hire a photographer.  When you hire your photographer for your wedding, ask if they would be willing to come to the rehearsal dinner for an hour.  They will be able to capture the moments leading up to your big day. It is a great keepsake to look back on.

4. Chose a location that you are familiar with.  Look at locations that you and your fiancé love to dine at. Do they have the best truffle mac and cheese you have ever eaten?  Be sure to add it your menu so your guests can experience some of your favorites.

5. Invites.  Invitations for a rehearsal can be as fun as you want.  The invite usually sets the tone of an event, so go with something that will reflect the setting you are trying to perceive.  These are usually sent out 4 weeks in advance.

6. Don’t forget the kids. More and more couples are including kids in their ceremony.  Most out of town guests are not comfortable hiring a babysitter locally, so include a table for the kids.  Hire a family babysitter or ask your wedding planner for a great recommendation.  Set up a table with crayons, paper and stickers and be sure to ask the venue for kiddy menu items for them.

7. Dessert.  This is a great way to incorporate the couple’s love for each other.  Did the couple meet at college?  Have a baker great a cake resembling their school mascot.  Did you grow up together in the same neighborhood? Serve ice cream treats you would get from an ice cream truck to bring back the nostalgia.

8. Table Seating.  Most of the time you would say, “let them sit where they want” but honestly it is better to have assigned seating.  Generally people sit with people they know, guide your guests to mingle and socialize. Mix the group accordingly.  You and your fiancé are merging as a family; your guests should be too.

9.Ice Breakers.  Sometimes a rehearsal dinner is the first time families meet.  Create 10 trivia questions about you as a couple.  Eat table is a team. They will have to come together to try and come up with the correct answers. This is a great way for the guests to interact with one another.   Great a slide show of some of you and your fiancé’s baby photos leading up to you as a couple.  Try to include photos of you with your guests that are present.

10. Toast.  Be sure to thank everyone for making your wedding the special day it is going to be.  Most important, enjoy your time with your guests, and get a good nights sleep.


  1. Really good article

  2. So SPOT on!!! Luv many things ...including having photos of guests in your slide show, hire a photographer and get a good night's sleep! Thanks for shedding great light on this topic,


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