Saturday, September 25, 2010

{ABC's of Wedding Planning} Accessories

You have the gown, now what do you need?! Accessories! Here are some tips on what you may need on your wedding day when it comes to accessories.

-Get your accessories AFTER you purchase your dress, matching a dress to a necklace is much for difficult then matching a necklace to a gown.
-Veil vs. Headpiece. Some brides opt to wear a veil during the ceremony and switch to a beautiful pearl/rhinestone incrusted hair clip for the reception.  Have one of your bridesmaids go with you to your hair appointment so they can assist in this transformation and learn from the stylist how to remove the veil and insert the clip.
- Lingerie- purchase this after you have found your dress but before your first fitting.  Having your wedding day undergarments for this appointment helps securing the proper fit of the dress.
-Shoes- these can be purchased before the gown if desired, just bring them with you when you try dresses on. If you do not purchase the exact ones you will be wearing on your wedding day, bring a pair with a similar heel you would like to wear.
-Wrap/Shrug- If you are getting married in the cooler months, make sure you get something that will keep you warm when going to your ceremony, ceremony to reception and reception to where you will spend the night as husband and wife. 
-Garter- some brides use this as their something blue, and it is not necessary to do a "garter toss", keep it for sentimental value.
-Purse- a clutch style purse for your wedding day is the best option. Just big enough to hold your lip gloss and room key in.
-Necklace/Rings/Bracelets- look in your families jewelry box. Wearing "something old" from grandma's collection is a nice way to start a family tradition.  
My last piece of advice for accessories is, make sure you switch your engagement ring to your right finger just before you walk down the aisle.  Your wedding band is ALWAYS supposed to be closest to your heart. 

{photo credits The Knot}


  1. Great article, Stephanie. I like the last tip about switching the engagement ring to the right hand.

  2. Personalized ribbon tip - make
    sure when you order personalized ribbons, that it is double faced beaded edge ribbon 3/8th inch or 5/8 inch. That means the
    ribbon is shiny on both sides of the ribbon and won't fray at the edges when
    cut. It can be cost effective to use by the roll uncut also. Good luck!


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