Monday, November 15, 2010

Vendor Gratuities

My couples always ask "Should I be tipping my vendors"? The only people who are "counting on it" are hair/makeup and transportation drivers. The rest is completely up to you! Here is what I tell couples if they are looking to tip above and beyond the service fee (again not necessary, but GREATLY appreciated!) 

Delivery Staff (Flowers, Cake, Rentals etc) $10 each
Officiant $25-$50
Band/DJ $50-$200
Florist $25-$75
Hair/Makeup 15-20% of bill
Transportation 15-20% of bill
Catering Staff (if NOT included on estimate) 15-20% of food bill (divided amongst staff) 
Photographer $50-$100
Videographer $50-$100
Ceremony Musicians $20-$25 each player 
Wedding Coordinator $100-$200
Event Manager/Venue Manager $50-$200

One of the BEST gifts for any vendor is a hand written note, word of mouth praise, or online reviews. 


  1. What are your suggestions for the caterers serving staff?

  2. Steph, great blog post. I would agree with you on that last sentence!

  3. Simply Seasoned Catering, all of the caterers that I have dealt with include a 15-20% gratuity already into their clients proposal, which is then dispersed by the company to their staff. I DO NOT recommend ever having a "tip jar" on a bar. If a guest would like to tip a bartender, they usually ask if it is OK. Some venues prohibit it.


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