Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rustic Wedding Inspiration

country wedding dress

Like the Great Gatsby themed wedding, rustic weddings are stepping into the spotlight this year! You don't need a ton of frills to give a romantic vibe at your wedding. Instead, couples are enriching their vision with rustic decor and country venues, warm colors, and an overall simplicity that makes their big day an intimate occasion.

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From outdoor ceremonies, in the middle of a field to inside an aged barn, couples are using rich fabrics, in muted browns and grays with pops of color, to create that cozy feeling. With the help of vintage-inspired clothing and outdoor country settings, the rustic wedding has a sophisticated feel for the 2013 wedding season! Keep an eye on the menswear -- it has been especially important in keeping the classic aspects of a wedding intact without being too "buttoned-up".

Image Credits
Low back tan gown
Lace bottom dress
Rose bouquet
Buttercream and burlap cake
Tan suit vest groomsmen
Wooden signs
Rustic centerpiece
Farm venue
Gray suit vest groomsmen
Lace open-back dress

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