Friday, September 27, 2013

Pets and Animals at Your Wedding

Not everyone is a fan of incorporating animals into wedding ceremonies, but for those who do, (we all know who we are), we have a vision of just how perfectly it will work out. Though you can't guarantee perfection, you can always guarantee some entertainment! From the very traditional dove release to having your dog carry your rings down the aisle as your ring bearer, there are a variety of ways to incorporate your love of animals, no matter how involved you want them to be!

puppy at a wedding

A few of our past couples have had their furry friends be a part of their big day - to these couples, dogs are part of the family! How cute! Photo Credits: Top, Bottom Left, Bottom Right

To signify the beginning of a new life together, couples have traditionally released doves, but a variation on this would be a butterfly release! Typically, church=doves and butterflies=outdoor ceremony. Many have found for asuccessful butterfly release, the paper accordion works better than just opening a box filled with butterflies (sometimes a butterfly is in no rush to go anywhere when sitting in a box, the folded paper acts as a gentle nudge to get the butterflies going!)

horse and cows

Not interested in having animals during the ceremony? These couples just used the animals at their farm venue for some great photo moments! Above Photos Below Photo (Sheep)

farm animals wedding

animal figurine escort cards

At an exotic destination wedding in Thailand, elephants are a beautiful way to start your journey together. Or, if having live animals is not your cup of tea, maybe just use animal figurines for your escort cards or table names!

wedding sleigh ride

For a different grand exit during winter, a horse-drawn sleigh is a beautiful way to travel between photo locations. You always need to remember to take a minute for just you two as a couple, and this is a nice, quiet way to do it!

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