Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Unique Wedding Garters

Wedding garters have been a traditional part of a bride’s attire and continue to be today. While some aspects of the removal and toss have been changed, the symbol remains the same. The garter is believed to bring good luck to whichever single man catches it! The garter toss is similar to that of the bouquet toss, whoever catches it is said to be lucky in love and may be the next to wed. Some couples choose to use this tradition as a chance to incorporate their something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue. If you have all of those covered have fun with it and choose something unique! 

Gartergirl.com is a great blog by the garter girl herself Julianne Smith. She designs garters of all kinds from traditional to custom creations. These are some of her great designs below. To see more be sure to check out her website, The Garter Girl.  

Read about the long History of Garters and how this tradition got started on the Garter Girls blog!

Since garters are located under your dress they can match your theme without taking away from your dress.

Your garter will be shared with you and your husband so surprise him and have it designed around his favorite sport, hobby or team! 

 Garters are a small part of your wedding day but can add a lot of fun so choose whatever design works best for you!

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