Friday, November 28, 2014

Fashion Friday:: Menswear Infographics

Happy Black Friday! If you're out shopping for some serious deals on men's suits, this is the perfect post for you :)

Now sometimes we forget to mention how important it is for the groom, groomsmen, or male guests to look good at a wedding day. But trust us, every couple knows when it comes to having their guests follow a dress code or having the groom looking his finest, the rules are important!

Now the only questions is to figure out how to dress the guys to impress the crowd. Here are a couple super helpful infographics that show you exactly what they mean when they say, "that's a nicely fitted suit." Don't make these rookie mistakes and you'll effortlessly be a stunner in a new or rented suit for any occasion! Tuxes…similar rules apply but they are a whole differ story, the rules are much less flexible!


On the left: Style Frizz
On the right: Real Men Real Style and the Art of Manliness blog

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