Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wedding Inspiration:: Lace

Sometimes we stumble upon a photo that makes us fall in love with someone else's wedding. You know the type, it makes you happy, you love the lighting, the composition, and you just love. that. photo.

Typically I save these photos for Fashion Friday but I was a little excited and I wanted to post it today. So Fashion Thursday?? What initially drew me in was the lace on her veil. It was intricate and absolutely stunning with the scalloped edge. Just long enough to not be obtrusive. And looked amazing with that dress!

I found this photo on the blog Bella in Berlin and just had to share it. There's something special about a slow shutter speed that really captures the emotion of a wedding day! The pure joy and sincere affection are seen in a mere moment, but the small piece of extra time allows for movement in a single frame. Okay…that may not be exactly what is going on here but I have to say, this photo by Tessa Barton is pure LOVE!

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